DFU SDK Mac OS X – Customisation Services

The Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) package provides all the software necessary to implement USB firmware update applications for Apple’s Mac OS X. A downloadable pdf of this software may be accessed from here.

The software comprises a user-mode static library (source code available) that implements a complete standards compliant DFU driver, with interfaces in C++ and Cocoa/Objective-C. The core driver is fully customisable, and can be adapted to suit specific device requirements.

DFU Technology can organise further customisation of the software tool for those customers that have non-standard implementations that they wish to target. The customisation would come under our Bluetooth design services arrangements with partners Kingston Wireless and tSoniq.

Other Technologies …..

Over-Air Updates

Over-air software updates allow a device’s firmware to be updated without the need for a physical connection between the device and a host (such as a USB connection to a PC). Instead, a wireless link (such as a Bluetooth or WiFi connection to a smartphone) is used to send the software update to the device. This wireless connection may also be used to manage the update process.

DFU Technology Ltd are able to provide solutions for over-air software updates for a variety of target devices (such as CSR BlueCore Bluetooth chips, ARM MCUs and Broadcom chips). We have experience of working with a broad range of host systems, such as Android and iOS smartphones.

Cloud-Based Service

DFU Technology Ltd can offer a cloud-based service for the storage and download of DFU update images, whether by cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth. Coupled with a web-based applet, or with an update utility stored in the Flash memory of the device itself, this provides the best possible user experience.