DFU Technology

Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) is increasingly being designed into consumer electronic products to afford the end user the opportunity to add product features, update the software platform, and/or increase performance of the product. This adds to the perceived value of the product from the consumers’ perspective as it suggests that their purchase will have a longer useful life to them through this “future proofing” mechanism.

DFU via a Windows ® PC link is now frequently provided in CSR ® Bluecore © based Bluetooth products. Previously, there has been no provision for this value adding capability which requires a DFU via an Apple Mac ®

DFU Technology has addressed this need in the market and are proud to be promoting a proven DFU solution where a CSR ® Bluecore © based Bluetooth © product is updated via a USB link with an Apple Mac ®

The DFU software tool that addresses this requirement has been thoroughly tested and has been validated by four tier1 customers in their Bluetooth © product designs.

DFU Technology are now rolling out access to this software tool throughout the world.

The DFU software tool license is provided on a per end-product basis and comes with a 12 month maintenance service in the event that Apple upgrade the Mac OS X platform in this period (providing Apple’s changes do not prevent this without unreasonable efforts).

Bespoke customisation services can be organised for customers attempting a non-standard implementation of the DFU software tool.

DFU Technology are partnered with Kingston Wireless and tSoniq and through these strong working relationships can support customers that wish to access low power wireless design services including software, hardware, and manufacturing. Low power design services include Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee, and WiFi

Much of this consortia’s work currently involves Bluetooth Classic and, increasingly, Bluetooth Smart as this relatively new wireless protocol generates myriad new end products, many of which are already in the market today. The penetration of Bluetooth to date combined with the projections for Bluetooth Smart [1], are staggering. Clearly, Bluetooth has become a de-facto low power wireless standard and Bluetooth Smart is going to engender a completely new and rapidly growing ecosystem in what have been coined Appcessories [2] going forward.

Whatever your low power wireless design needs, we can organise bespoke design services or a full “idea to factory” turnkey solution.

Please contact us with your requirements/query or email sales@dfutech.com and find out how we can support you with the latest in Bluetooth and low power wireless product development.

[1] ABI Research. Smart, the Next wave of Bluetooth, Q3 2012 ABI Research Link

“The introduction of Bluetooth v4.0 is set to drive a second wave of Bluetooth market growth with low energy as its pivotal enabler. Its use in Bluetooth Smart Ready hubs such as smartphones, media tablets, and laptops and Bluetooth Smart nodes such as heart rate monitors and sports watches as well as many new and emerging markets will drive Bluetooth to achieve cumulative shipments of 20 billion devices by 2017.”

[2] WiFore Consulting, Nick Hunn,  To Ubiquity and Beyond – Bluetooth Smart and the Growth of Appcessories WiFore Consulting Link  

“It is probably no coincidence that after decades of shunning standards bodies, Apple recently took a seat on the Board of Directors of the Bluetooth SIG.”

Annual Sales of Appcessories (millions)
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
51 202 470 1,306 3,364 6,615 13,111